About Us

With over 30 years experience in both the aviation and GIS industries, the Scanair team consists of real qualified commercial pilots, surveyors and engineers.

With regards to equipment we have invested heavily in the most advanced industrial/survey grade drone based equipment. Our unmanned aerial vehicles or drones carry some of the highest resolution camera’s and thermal imaging systems available. Our Pilot’s were some of the first in the United Kingdom and Ireland to operate unmanned aircraft drones, our experience and knowledge of commercial unmanned aviation is second to none.

We have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to excel.


Avoid costs associated with engaging slow, expensive traditional equipement and teams


Speed is what makes drone great, we can acquire large quantities of quality data in under 10% of the time it would take traditional methods.


all of our techniques are at the very least comparable to traditional techniques. Data acquired from our drone based techniques often surpass the quality and quantity of data that traditional techniques can acquire.


Safety is at the centre of everything we do. Our unmanned aircraft remove the need to put people In dangerous situations. Not only that but every operation is meticulously planned to ensure safety throughout the proposed operation.

Our Equipment

Our drones are some of the most advanced available. We do not use widely available hobby style “off the shelf equipment”, rather our drones have been custom built specifically for the task at hand. We have a wide range of equipment from fixed wing survey grade drones for covering large areas during land surveys to X8 multirotor drones capable of carrying the most impressive payloads.
Safety is always our primary concern, as a result all of our drones have impressive safety features built in from motor redundancy, to special three tier flight controllers that can deal with magnetic and electrical interference from things like power lines and large metal structures

All of our Multirotor Drones carry 6 motor’s as the minimum. This not only gives us great lift capability but gives us fantastic redundancy in the case of motor failure. Using a mixture of GPS technology, laser gyros, computer aided flight controls systems our drones are tailored specifically for the task required. With flight times on some equipment of 40 for one battery you can be sure our unmanned aerial systems (UAS) will get your task completed.

When it comes to our cameras and your results, only the best will do. Our cameras are not only 4K UHD capable but are some of the highest quality, highest mega pixel cameras on the market. With these incredible high pixel cameras we can produce data that was never before possible and see things that others can’t.

It doesn’t stop at our regular cameras, our INFRARED cameras are also some of the best around. We don’t use cheap knock off equipment. That’s why our INFRARED cameras have all been developed by FLIR© specifically for  use on unmanned aerial systems (UAS)/Drones

The ebee is a land survey drone capable of surveying up to 12sq.km in a single flight. We can produce geo-referenced 2D & 3D orthomosaics, 3D point clouds, triangle models and Digital Elevation Models (DEMs). This can then be used for example by measuring distances, taking cross-sections, extracting volume data or exporting to third-party software to add GIS data or create custom maps.

Cameras can be fixed to drones in many different ways. What makes some of our systems unique is our front facing gimbal. This unique design allows our gimbals to look in places that other drones just can’t. We use this design in a range of areas most notably in bridge inspections where old technology prevented you from being able to see the underside.